A breath of fresh, silent air at Tullamarine

THE world’s first silent wind turbine has been successfully installed in Victoria.
The Eco Whisper was erected in Tullamarine after two years of comprehensive development and testing. According to a statement from Renewable Energy Solutions Australia (RESA), the parent company for the breakthrough technology, the 20 kilowatt, 30-blade wind turbine has the ability to capture up to 30 per cent more energy than traditional three-blade designs.
RESA chief executive Tony Le Messurier said he was proud to see another of the turbines installed. “It’s a very exciting time for the Eco Whisper turbine,” he said. “This is our second commercial installation in Victoria, which marks a crucial milestone in our evolution and the adoption of renewable energy.”
The new turbine is well suited to mid-sized commercial, manufacturing and industrial facilities wanting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower the impact of the carbon tax, according to a statement from RESA.
The Eco Whisper stands 21.1m tall, has a footprint of 21 square metres and can produce high-energy outputs in low or high winds. In comparison, solar energy requires 250sqm to achieve the same level of eco-friendliness.
“This installation is another significant step towards proving that wind power is a safe and cost-effective clean energy alternative,” Mr Le Messurier said. “This project paves the way for future installations, not just in Victoria but around the world.”
Since its launch last October, the turbine has been a finalist in the 2011 Australian Cleantech Awards, and was recently awarded a $250,000 commercialisation grant from the Federal Government following a pilot demonstration in Geelong.
The Eco Whisper turbine can be seen just outside Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport precinct.


By Courtney Pearson

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