A commitment to safety, quality and the environment

AN international market leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of personal protective equipment, Uvex takes its commitment to protecting people very seriously.
Customer-driven product development ensures Uvex products not only meet the highest product standards, but also its customers’ expectations for performance and comfort.
Uvex has developed a range of anti-fog and anti-scratch lens coatings specifically designed for the Australian market, to provide a solution for the hot, humid and dusty work environments so commonly encountered.
Uvex safety spectacles and goggles last longer than any other safety eyewear.
The company also manufactures hand protection products developed with state-of-the-art, advanced technology.
The Uvex C300 (cut level 3) and uvex C500 (cut level 5) combine unique high cut-resistant Dyneema fibers with sustainable bamboo material to offer the very best in hand protection.
The combination of materials offers wearers high dexterity, cut-resistant gloves with the added comfort of bamboo’s sweat free properties.
Uvex has also gained significant experience in construction projects and their industry-specific requirements.
The company’s project involvement ranges from on-site risk assessment to specific supply chain solutions, and even the development of task-specific products if necessary.
The company’s guiding principle “protecting people” encompasses a fundamental commitment to adopting sustainable and socially responsible practices.
Uvex factories have developed an ambitious program to reduce energy and water consumption, waste production and toxic emissions.
Uvex’s ear plug production site in Sweden is a benchmark for environmental sustainability, while its eyewear research and development centres in Germany have achieved significant success in integrating bio-oil based components into safety eyewear, in products such as the newly released Pheos Blue range of safety spectacles.

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