A premier manufacturer of hose solutions

THE ultra high-pressure (UHP) market is now enjoying access to the world’s highest-quality hose assemblies in WA after Polyflex supplier and international UHP specialist Abdex announced the opening of a second Australian branch, in
Bibra Lake. The announcement comes only months after the company expanded its Victorian operation and stockholdings to accommodate for industry growth.
“From our new facility in Bibra Lake, the WA UHP hose market will have ex-stock access to high-quality hose assemblies, backed by industry-leading technical knowledge, expertise and experience,” Abdex sales and operations manager Dan
Bain said.
With a key focus on service, Abdex has established itself as a premier manufacturer of complete hose solutions in European and Australian markets, working on projects in Aberdeen, the UK and the North Sea in addition to the Gorgon project off the coast of northwest WA.
According to Abdex, its expansion into WA allowed the state’s oil and gas market to be serviced by a leading industry and product specialist with local knowledge and motivation.
The company offers solutions for a wide range of applications including offshore assemblies, such as long-length hoses for use with umbilicals, deep sea-resistant hoses for use in depths of up to 1500m and high-pressure offshore standard hydraulic hoses. Abdex also manufactures water jetting assemblies for applications including marine paint removal, concrete removal, tube cleaning of heat exchangers, water cutting, surface preparation and cleaning. Other products offered through the company’s new Perth facilities include hydraulic jacking hoses, torque wrench hoses, multi-purpose hoses including bolt tensioning, and Polyflex UHP water jetting hoses.
Abdex also provides a wide range of fittings to allow assemblies to be terminated using a variety of materials including mild steel, brass and stainless steel. The company can also provide hoses in a variety of specialist materials including polyester, elastomer, rubber, nylon, thermoplastic, silicone and polyoxymethylene.

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