Acquisition expands industry leader’s product portfolio

SINCE the introduction of the first blowout preventer in 1922, blowout protection equipment specialist Cameron has been recognised for the quality and dependability its products. Through its acquisition of LeTourneau Technologies Drilling Systems (LTDSI), Cameron will now empower customers around the world with an expanded, high-performance product portfolio.
Cameron’s new product offerings include LTDSI land rig designs, jack-up rig kits and components; LEWCO top drives, mud pumps and drawworks; and OEM power systems. The company’s customers now benefit from a broader range of product choices, as well as Cameron’s proven aftermarket services and complete life cycle support for onshore and offshore applications.
LTDSI has a long history in building rigs and equipment. Delivering the first self-elevating jack-up in 1955, the company name has been synonymous with technology leadership in the oil and petroleum industry. Leveraging its solid background and proven experience in building technologically-advanced rig equipment, LTDSI was an ideal fit with Cameron. The addition of the LTDSI portfolio of drilling equipment and rig components increases Cameron’s existing product offerings and enhances growth opportunities for the company’s drilling systems platform. By offering a greater suite of products and services, Cameron becomes one of the few equipment manufacturers capable of providing complete rig packages, including rig design, equipment installation, commissioning, aftermarket support and servicing, all from a single source.
Cameron has developed a network of sales, service and strategically-located in-house manufacturing centres in key oil and petroleum production areas around the globe. With the addition of LTDSI manufacturing facilities, regional sales offices and worldwide parts distribution, Cameron has expanded its network, resulting in increased capabilities and greater available resources. Cameron’s future incentives include the consolidation of offices and streamlined operations to increase overall efficiency and productivity. Demonstrating this forward growth,
Cameron’s aftermarket facility in Singapore has developed a comprehensive expansion plan to integrate LTDSI’s existing Singapore operations. Cameron’s expanded facility, conveniently located in the Offshore Marine Centre, will have waterfront access for load-out and stack-up operations. The facility currently has an open yard, workshop, dedicated quay area and a three-storey sales office. Two new 80,000 square foot areas will be created to accommodate LTDSI, LEWCO
and OEM products, as well as maintenance and repair facilities. LTDSI, LEWCO and OEM are now trademarked brands within Cameron’s family of products.

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