Advanced inspection technology to assess ‘un-piggable’ pipelines

DEMONSTRATING its capability as a world-leader in the development and delivery of asset integrity management services, Quest Integrity Group was recently contracted to inspect a 12 inch, 5.6km pipeline in the US.
The company’s ability to mobilise quickly and provide high-quality results was vital to the success of the project due to limits imposed by a scheduled refinery shut-down. Within one week of being contacted, Quest Integrity mobilised a
crew to inspect the pipeline utilising the company’s proprietary InVista in-line-inspection technology.
The InVista tool is a compression wave ultrasonic in-line-inspection device, also known as a pig, designed to navigate ‘un-piggable’ and difficult-toinspect pipelines. Equipped with unique technology, the InVista tool can record accurate high-resolution wall thickness measurements in combination with internal radius measurements.
The pipeline that Quest Integrity was contracted to inspect supplies crude feed from an off-site tank farm to a refinery; it was constructed from electric resistance welded seamless pipe with nominal wall thicknesses varying from 0.219in to 0.500in.
An as-built survey indicated that the pipeline had a 90 degree bend with a possible bend radius of 1.0D, or a mitred bend, which would prevent it from being inspected using traditional methods.
A minimum bore of 10.25in was discovered using a gauge plate, amounting to a 16 per cent reduction thatcould not be negotiated by traditional pigging tools.

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