Arc flash compliance protecting employees

ACCORDING to power management company Eaton, many industrial manufacturers have been assessing ways to improve workplace electrical safety during the past five years.
Although reducing hazards caused by electrocution has been well understood in the past, a new type of electrical hazard – arc flash hazards – have recently been identified as a significant and dangerous threat.
Arc flash is the result of a rapid release of energy due to an arcing fault between a phase bus bar and another phase bus bar, either neutral or aground.
The energy discharge from an arc flash can result in a blast that produces energy release temperatures that are almost as hot as the sun’s surface, along with explosive pressure waves, shrapnel and toxic gasses.
In Australia and New Zealand, many multi-site industrial companies are working to ensure that their facilities comply with standards such as AS/NZ 4024 and AS/NZ 61508.
A number of businesses have already established and implemented enterprise-wide arc flash compliance programs to ensure that any employees working on energised electrical equipment are safe from arc flash hazards. Best practices include completing engineering studies to quantify potential arc flash incident energy, and affixing equipment-specific warning labels.
Eaton maintains a high level of expertise in the area of arc flash compliance, developing industry-leading technologies for arc flash hazard reduction.
The company has implemented enterprise-wide arc flash analysis for several Fortune 500 businesses.

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