Australia’s first hydrogen car refuelling station

ausAUSTRALIA’S only hydrogen car refuelling station will be ready to begin operations this year after securing a supply contract with a Wesfarmers’ subsidiary.

The zero emissions Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell arrived in Australia late last year and is the first hydrogen-powered car to be permanently imported into the country.

To cater for the vehicle, Hyundai is installing a refuelling station at its NSW headquarters, which will be supplied with a high purity compressed station by gases company Coregas.

Hyundai’s long-term plans for the station could see an electrolyser built to generate its own hydrogen using solar energy, creating an entirely self-sustaining, zero emissions fuel source. Countries across Europe already using hydrogen-powered cars and buses have begun installing ‘hydrogen highways’ –
networks of refuelling stations.

Hyundai Motor Company Australia chief executive Charlie Kim said the car would demonstrate the potential of hydrogen as a green transport solution for Australia.

“Ultimately, we see no reason why Australians should not enjoy the same environmental solutions as consumers in other markets,” he said.

“Hyundai strongly supports the idea of a ‘hydrogen highway’ in Australia like those already in operation overseas, and we are committed to working with local partners to try to facilitate this.” Mr Kim said Federal ministers had responded positively to Hyundai’s push for hydrogen refuelling infrastructure.