Barrier systems providing vital protection for onsite workers

THE oil and gas industry has a long association with managing workplace health and safety risk, the industry plays a vital role in the national economy and with the help of Moddex, it can continue to do so with a good safety record.

The company specialises in the manufacturing and supplying of modular handrails, guardrails, steel balustrades and other barrier solutions to sites across Australia and New Zealand; offering vital protection for workers, machine operators and oil and gas equipment.

ModdexModdex’s range of barrier systems is sought after for its cost-effective advantage, easy installation and extensive range of paint finishes to suit individual applications. It can also accommodate harsh climatic conditions and ongoing time pressures of site operations – Moddex’s modular hot dip galvanised barrier systems delivered a secure, flexible, corrosion resistant solution.

Moddex 2The company’s barrier systems have been installed across many sites with the Tuffgard Toeboard proving particularly popular in the industry. The safety kickrail provides a time and cost effective solution; it is built to withstand harsh Australian conditions, is easy to install and comes flat-packed with no weld or drill assembly required. A bonus is they are up to 48 per cent lighter than the average kickrail.

Moddex approaches barrier protection differently to other suppliers: a proprietary modular design meets every required standard for all applications. Preconfigured, pre-engineered and available off the shelf, Moddex barrier systems save on design and engineering costs.

The systems require no welding during installation, saving hot works permits, specialist trade costs and site shutdowns during installation. With no damage to the galvanised rails, there was no need to paint around the rail joints.

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