Committed to integrated, value-added services for industry

THE world’s largest cable company, the Prysmian Group, consists of Prysmian and Draka which are two of the strongest and most respected commercial brands in the industry worldwide.
The companies’ highly complementary products and services meet the needs o two distinct sectors: Energy Cables & Systems for terrestrial and submarine power transmission and distribution for industrial, commercial and residential applications; and Telecom Cables & Systems for video, data and voice transmission.
For industrial applications, Prysmian specialises in integrated, added value cabling solutions that are highly customised to the individual specifi cations of customers. It serves a broad range of industries, including the oil and gas, and petrochemical sectors, in which differentiation and competition are determined by the technology level, continuous innovation and commitment to high value-added services. In the oil and gas industry, Prysmian’s range covers research and refining, in addition to exploration and production.
Products range from low and medium voltage power and instrumentation/control cables to dynamic multi-purpose umbilicals for transporting energy, telecommunications, fluids and chemical products.
A strategic technical co-operation with Petrobras introduced Prysmian to flexible pipes for oil drilling, which along with its existing production of umbilical cables for offshore platforms, provides a total range of subsea umbilicals, risers and fl owlines products and services for the petrochemicals industry.
From Brazil to the Gulf of Mexico, the Caspian Sea to the Arabian Gulf, and the North Sea to Oceania, the Prysmian Group are at the heart of the oil and gas industry’s major international developments.

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