Consistent food supply service with extensive facilities

AS a leading WA food service and ship supply company, Sealanes has many years of experience in the offshore and general shipping of supplies, with specific expertise in the delivery of provisions and technical stores.
The company has serviced the marine industry for many years and is fully conversant with the service needs and requirements of vessels that work in the offshore industry.
With a local team of more than 230 staff, Sealanes understands the importance of supporting Australian made products and local businesses.
The company’s extensive facilities enable it to provide consistently excellent service at a competitive cost. Its operations include a primary warehouse in Palmyra, a logistics hub in Perth, depots in Karratha and Port Hedland and a branch in Darwin.
In addition to these locations, Sealanes regularly services the WA towns of Albany, Esperance, Bunbury, Geraldton, Exmouth and Broome, and can also service Carnarvon if required. The company’s contracted transport service providers have warehousing facilities in these regions and have proven themselves able to provide ‘Sealanes-standard’ service levels.
As a holder of Quality Certification ISO9001 and Food Safety and Handling certification HACCP, Sealanes is a quality accredited company focussed on continuously improving all aspects of its customer service and business operations.

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