Corporate immigration boosting workforce

ACCORDING to Active Migration Australia, Australia’s national productivity levels will come under threat as the population ages.
The company believes that, as baby boomers retire, the changing demographics will have a profound impact on workforce participation levels. In parallel with the ongoing success of the oil and gas sector, the workforce shortage is expected to increase.
Active Migration knows that this is not a problem that is going to resolve itself. Immigration can be considered a quick fix to workforce problems in Australia, but is an ongoing source of debate, because the rules relating to it constantly change.
Active Migration believes that without migration, the numbers in the Australian workforce would fall due to the high demand for labour, which could cause problems for the
economy. Migration can assist by providing the labour that is needed for the development of Australia.
The subclass 457 visa program provides a fast and fl exible way to recruit skilled workers from overseas and is the preferred temporary residence visa for employers seeking skilled labour.
There are both permanent and temporary sponsorship options available for employers: the temporary 457 visa program allows workers to stay in Australia for up to four years.
Active Migration managing director Scott Walker said Australia needed overseas workers to meet its labour demands. “Australia is benefiting from the experience and expertise of temporary overseas workers. They benefi t Australians, too, by passing on a wealth of experience and knowledge,” he said.
“Now, with the support of their employers, these 457 temporary visa holders are applying for permanent residency which is creating an even bigger benefit for Australia.”
Mr Walker said he believed the company’s knowledge and strategies were important in assisting clients.
“Having a strategic approach to corporate immigration policy has ensured that our company…is always in a position to assist clients with employing overseas workers, permanent visa holders and Australian citizens,” he said.
“This in turn benefits our clients by helping them to take advantage of staffing solutions that their competitors may not have access to.”
Active Migration provides knowledge in areas of company sponsorship visas and staff retention strategies.
The company has a strong reputation for delivering highly personalised services, working with clients to design immigration solutions that support their business strategies. It has a wealth of knowledge in all areas of company sponsorship visas and ensures consistency in representation and compliance with local laws and regulations.
“A successful infrastructure or construction project can, and often does, depend on the timely movement of key employees to the project site,” Mr Walker said.
“Our experience in the immigration industry helps us provide sound advice on best practices in immigration strategies for  your workforce.”  Active Migration is registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority and is a member of the Migration Institute of Australia. Active Migration provides free personalised assessments of a client’s eligibility to sponsor overseas staff.

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