Corporate travel mandates save money and offer greater process control

MOST oil and gas companies have guidelines in place to manage the requirements of employees that travel regularly for business. However, not all of these guidelines or policies are mandated.
The aim of mandating is to ensure that every booking is made in accordance with a company’s travel policy in order to drive savings.
Mandates put everyone on the same page and give companies more control of the booking and buying process.
They prevent ad-hoc bookings and wasted expense, and most importantly help to build a better overall travel culture for a business.
For some companies, moving to a fully-mandated culture can be a challenge.
This is particularly the case if there has been a lack of education or information for employees prior to the mandates being introduced.
For companies with a weak policy, an effective strategy is to first rein in air travel spending, as generally air travel is the highest area of expenditure.
Once bookers and travellers have become compliant in regards to air travel bookings, a company can extend its mandated policy to other areas such as accommodation and car hire.
Further information on how to save money through madating is available on the Corporate Traveller website.

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