Creating sustainable opportunities for indigenous communities

LEADING building, civil and construction company Decmil Australia has congratulated Woodside Energy for reaching ready for start-up (RFSU) status at its Pluto LNG plant in WA’s North West. Decmil has been an invaluable part of the
Pluto LNG contract, providing quality work for three and a half years to help Woodside achieve its long-term goal of RFSU. Decmil’s core values and dedication to the communities surrounding its project work ensure that communities are supported and local people are given the opportunity for employment. In November, the company started the Nyimarr Decmil Strategic Alliance: an agreement and joint venture with the Goolarabooloo Jabirr Jabirr Native Title claim group. The alliance was created to deliver sustainable business opportunities to communities living in the Kimberley region.
The Nyimarr Decmil Strategic Alliance has a term of five years with the option for extension. Its objective is to focus on developing business plans for government, private and resources project opportunities including education, training, business and development, and employment for indigenous people.
“The signing of the strategic alliance agreement is a result of two years of close collaboration between the parties to develop a business model that supports the creation of employment options, training and long-term aspirations of Traditional Owners,” Decmil Australia managing director Mr Ray Sputore said.
Mr Sputore believed that the creation of an alliance agreement with Traditional Owners from within the Kimberley region would result in long-term benefits for regional communities and growth for the company.
The JV was created following an agreement that aligned the cultures of the two organisations and outlined that the benefits of housing, training facilities and services for the community would benefit the future of all people involved.
“The Traditional Owners have worked hard to establish this pathway for success and we wanted to develop a model that shows the creation of sustainable indigenous economies is possible,” Nyimarr director and chairperson Mary Tarran said.
“Decmil has the project delivery track record, but also understands the social aspects and cultural dimensions.” Decmil has the expertise to deliver on this project with a defined set of key performance indicators that will enable the alliance to deliver outstanding construction project outcomes while developing a wholly-owned indigenous industry in the coming decade.
“I have had the pleasure of being involved with a number of indigenous JV agreements and alliances, and I see enormous potential both for the ongoing growth of Decmil Australia and assisting the Traditional
Owners of James Price Point [to] establish a positive legacy for their people and the broader community,” Mr Sputore said. “We believe this agreement will contribute to generational change through establishing a long-term strategy.”

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