Custom-made transformers in a range of designs

AUSTRALIAN-owned and operated, Dyne Industries has been a supplier of transformers to the nation’s electronics industry since 1976. With 35 years of experience in custom-made
transformers and wound components, the company has earned a reputation for creating unusual and difficult designs in a range of quantities, from one-offs to production runs of
several thousand.
Dyne managing director Frank Smit said that with recent acquisitions, the company now had the product range to supply much of the electrical equipment for control and protection circuitry in the mining, oil and gas, and power distribution industries. “With the manufacturing of these products in Bayswater, Victoria, we have th advantage of Australian quality, along with local content and design which can be readily adapted to new applications,” Mr Smit said. “Our telecommunication isolating transformers give protection of up to 25kV [kilovolt] from the switch yard to the local exchange and are suitable for all networks, from the old analogue to the asymmetric digital subscriber line infrastructure.” Dyne has its own quality system, which has traceability to a factory order or serial number marked on, or supplied with, each product.

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