Delivering the complete Australian IT package

FAMILY owned and operated business Bizquip Solutions has supported the IT needs of businesses across Australia since 1988. The company is no stranger to the resources sector, servicing clients such as Emeco, Decmil Australia, Resolute Mining and Minesite Construction Services.
Bizquip Solutions prides itself on being a true ‘one stop’ solution centre for its clients. The team at Bizquip can do everything from shifting clients to new offices and managing and maintaining their IT systems, to providing off-site cloud and disaster recovery backups, carrying out independent audits and supplying IT products.
With Bizquip, clients can relax knowing all of their IT needs are catered for securely through one Australian-based company. Bizquip managing director Evan Papantoniou said many companies expressed similar concerns relating to the security of their systems and data.
“A common discussion and pain point I hear a lot when I talk to senior management at companies is, ‘how safe is our data and how far back can I go to recover a file?’” he said.
“A lot of companies have to legally keep their data for seven years, hence why the reason for one of our major recent drawcards: Biz-Cloud.”
Bizquip’s Biz-Cloud is its own unique data storage system that safely stores company data, and allows it to be accessed at any time. The company houses it at its highly secure and fully redundant data centre in Perth, offering guaranteed reliability and security regardless of blackouts or other disruptions.
“A lot of clients we were speaking to didn’t want to have their data at their premises where, say, earthquakes or flooding are a possibility,” Mr Papantoniou said.
“What we have created with Biz-Cloud is our own disaster recovery backup. “We do a backup of a client’s data, which then offers long-term data archival and retention.
“If a client wants to recover a file they accidently deleted from two years ago, we can retrieve that for them in minutes.”
Mr Papantoniou said data storage and recovery were just two facets of Bizquip’s capabilities.
“At Decmil Australia, we recently migrated their emails from Microsoft Exchange 2003 to the latest Exchange 2010,” he said.
“This allowed their emails to become more robust and secure and gave them better disk and data management. “Their current setup wasn’t meeting their requirements and now it is.”
Bizquip was also recently able to help Emeco and Momentum Engineering with their IT needs.
“Emeco is spread internationally through countries such as Indonesia and Chile and we helped centralise their data to their head office in Perth and install a SAN [storage area network] so all of their data has been centralised, making it a secure and reliable application,” Mr Papantoniou said.
“We can also help some of our clients shift offices like…we did with Momentum, which included phone systems, computers, internet access — the whole lot.
“They left their old office on the Friday and when they came in on the Monday, everything was set up in their new office. “The staff sat in their new desk, turned
their computers on and everything worked as before.”
When it comes to customer support Bizquip is focused on being proactive rather than reactive, offering customers monitoring and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The company’s 24-hour support capability is particularly convenient for clients in the mining and oil and gas industries, whose businesses operate at all hours of the day and night on rotating shifts.
Bizquip has staff in WA and Queensland to cater for growth within the states’ key mining and oil and gas sectors. “Our head office is Perth, but we also have engineers on the ground in Queensland so we can do remote and on-site support in WA and Queensland,”
Mr Papantoniou said.
“We can service and supply the major mining sectors in Australia and supply free freight nationally. “We will celebrate our twenty-fifth anniversary in 2013, which is a pretty big milestone in the IT industry.
“Considering the GFC has seen others come and go, we are still here, and will still be supporting our customers tomorrow.”

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