Drilling program under way in the Browse Basin

AUSTRALIAN-based Karoon Gas has begun its 2012 Browse Basin drilling campaign, off the coast of WA. The company plans to drill a minimum of five wells during the exploration program, which is principally directed to better define the contingent resource size and characteristics of the greater Poseidon structure.
Mobilised from the Port of Dampier on March 24, the Transocean Legend drilling rig was expected to be on site at the first well location a few days later. The first well, Boreas-1, is in permit WA-315-P on a large tilted fault block about 4km south of Poseidon-1. Karoon Gas stated that Boreas-1 would reach total depth in the first half of 2012, after being spudded in April.
The second well, Zephyros-1, is in WA-398-P on a large tilted fault block about 8km south west of Kronos-1; and the third, Proteus-1, is in WA-398-P, also on a large tilted fault block, about 14km south-east of Poseidon-1.
According to a statement from Karoon Gas, additional well locations for the remainder of the program will be announced as the company obtains joint venture approval.
ConocoPhillips is the operator of the jointly-held WA-314-P, WA-315-P and WA-398-P permits that contain the Poseidon and Kronos gas discoveries. Karoon Gas holds 40 per cent of both WA-315-P and WA-398-P, and 90 per cent of WA-314-P.


By Jaimee Conn

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