Drilling specialist servicing major oil and gas projects

home-bannerAUSTRALIAN owned company DRILLSTRALIS prides itself on delivering drilling services in any conditions to achieve exceptional results for its oil and gas clients.

The drilling industry specialist offers integrated service provision for its clients including earthworks, drilling, logging and steering services, cementing and project scheduling. It provides a diverse, innovative, effective and sustainable drilling service which meets legislative compliance, overcomes challenges and meets targets.

DRILLSTRALIS’ experienced team is well versed in the oil and gas industry, with extensive experience and knowledge in the coal and coal seam, gas and mineral exploration, geotechnical exploration and water well drilling industries.

The company has a large range of drill rigs for a number of different drilling purposes with one more recently added to the fleet, the WEI D75 slant drill rig. The rig is multi-discipline and can move effortlessly between production and exploration drilling, including vertical and directional capacity. It can be used for large diameter production wells, in-seam gas, deep hole coal seam gas including deep diamond coring, mine de-gasification/gas drainage, goaf holes and pilot holes.

DRILLSTRALIS not only provides customers with drill rigs, they also deliver on service.

DRILLSTRALIS personnel have been involved in coal seam gas projects within the oil and gas industry including leases throughout Bowen and Surat Basins.

For more information visit: www.drillstralis.com.au or contact the general manager directly on 0427 660 516