DuPont Sustainable Solutions: A catalyst for transformation

TODAY, business success goes beyond the traditional financial bottom line. It is about conducting business in a way that creates value for employees, customers, business partners, communities and shareholders – all at the same time. It is an overall triple bottom line approach that measures a company’s human and environmental impact, as well as its financial results.

This triple bottom line approach is the focus at DuPont Sustainable Solutions.

Global consulting company DuPont Sustainable Solutions has been helping companies in the oil and gas industry find solutions to their most challenging problems.

DuPont Sustainable Solutions Asia/Pacific solutions architect Andrew Wilson said oil and gas projects were becoming bigger and therefore more complex, as companies had to justify the infrastructure expenses required to access resources in less developed locations.

To ensure project success, DuPont focuses on seven critical factors: front end loading; proactive management of environment, health and safety; contracting strategy and contractor management; staffing and managing teams for success; technology confirmation; execution with no changes; and minimising non-value adding investment.

Mr Wilson said if just one of those aspects was missing, projects were likely to end in failure.
“When DuPont Sustainable Solutions works with clients to improve their capital effectiveness, we assist them initially with developing an improved methodology that has a strong gate-keeping process. Often this means taking key decisions earlier in project, and working in integrated teams,” he said.

“The real benefit we bring to clients is by increasing their capability so that they can fully execute the improved methodology, and bring an owner’s mindset to the project. This requirement for operational discipline applies to project management excellence, just as it does to safety excellence.”

DuPont Sustainable Solutions prides itself on helping its clients achieve sustainable growth through an integrated approach that links people, processes and technology and is driven by strong leadership.

DuPont Sustainable Solutions offers unmatched hands-on experience and knowledge gained from working with clients in the oil and gas industry. DuPont Sustainable Solutions combines this external experience with a rich history of science-driven innovation and first-hand experience producing 20,000 products in 200 manufacturing locations in more than 90 countries. As a result, the team at DuPont Sustainable Solutions are a catalyst to help transform the industry’s workplaces and work cultures around the world to become safer, more efficient and more environmentally sustainable.