Enhancing business performance with cost-effective training

WITH highly qualified trainers also acting as practicing assessors, LRQA Business Assurance provides practical management systems training courses designed to meet the needs of each company it works with.
“As practising management systems assessors, the LRQA team [has] an in-depth knowledge of the type of problems and issues that clients face daily. They use the latest thinking, real experiences and practical models to ensure that everything that is learnt in the course can be transferred back to the workplace,” LRQA training manager Hayley Whitcombe said.
The company’s courses also involve a high degree of delegate participation which enables trainees to apply what they have learnt in order to improve their organisation’s business performance. “LRQA’s training offers a very good
balance between theory and practical application,” Siemens AG representative Maren Stiller said in a client testimonial. “The inclusion of all delegates was one of the most positive aspects of the training.” LRQA’s on-site training courses for
workers in the oil and gas industry are a recent development which have generated much interest. The on-site training courses allow businesses to cost-effectively train a group of people without having to leave the office or work site.
The courses can be tailored to meet specific learning objectives and incorporate live audit exercises to make the training experience unique and relevant to a particular organisation.

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