Ensuring a high quality throughout the galvanized industry

A long-running industry organisation, Galvanizers Association of Australia (GAA) offers free advice and practical assistance to designers, consultants and engineers seeking to protect and improve their steel structures. GAA aims to assist in maintaining the highest standards in the design and quality of galvanized products. Its continuing professional development
program of seminars and events is supported by Engineers Australia. According to GAA, it is important to assist consumers to achieve the economics inherent in the correct design and application of galvanized products.
Established nearly 50 years ago, GAA researches and publishes technical documents on all aspects of the design, application, process, bolting, welding and painting of galvanized steel, and distributes the documents throughout Australia and overseas.
The organisation maintains an extensive library on all aspects of the hot dip galvanizing process and is represented on relevant Australian Standards committees for corrosion
GAA can provide information on the important aspects of the galvanizing process and the properties and applications of galvanized coatings to specifiers and end users alike.
GAA operates with the conviction that hot dip galvanizing is the best protective coating for steel, as it provides a longer life, more durability and predictable performance, compared to other coatings.
GAA’s membership comprises almost 100 per cent of the Australian hot dip galvanizing industry and major suppliers of equipment and raw materials

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