Event comes clean on alternative energy

ECONOMIC uncertainty and a decline in non-renewable resources have caused the search for cheaper, more accessible energy sources to be fast-tracked.
As the issue of energy costs becomes an increasingly common issue in modern-day society, international oil and gas companies are expanding their renewable energy budgets and portfolios.
For the fourth year in a row, the All-Energy Australia International Conference will bring together more than 100 speakers and 200 exhibitors from around the world.
To be held in the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) on October 10 and 11, the event will showcase the latest technologies: from electric vehicles to solar and geothermal power, energy efficiency and infrastructure.
More than 4000 people from 25 countries are expected to attend the conference and exhibition. The sold out 2011 event featured more than 230 exhibitors from 13 countries, occupying in excess of 3000 square metres of floor space.
All-Energy exhibition manager David McCarthy said he expected that this year’s event would record the largest attendance to date.
“The event that began in 2009 continues to grow in size and stature, and attracts those with a professional interest in clean and renewable energy and energy efficiency,” Mr McCarthy said.
“It is all about best practice in the sector and we welcome captains of industry, engineers, technologists and all levels of government.
“Importantly, All-Energy reaches out to those already entrenched in the area, along with emerging entrepreneurs and others seeking low-carbon solutions.” All-Energy Australia regional director Boyd Dale hailed the significance of the event.
“The commercial technologies in the market are self-evident,” he said. “In Australia, solar is the elephant in the room, while in Scotland, the birthplace of All-Energy, wind rules the clean energy scene.
“However there are so many other emerging technologies (such as geothermal power, biofuels, marine energy and, even, nuclear fusion) and so much more to the industry than just the technology – all of which are addressed at the conference.
“[The conference] seeks to bring as wide an appreciation of the clean energy industry as possible to those that are seeking answers as to how clean energy technology might apply to their
As the largest meeting point for the clean energy sector in Australia, the conference will include keynote speakers Oxford University director of energy research Professor Sir Chris Llewellyn
Smith and Climate Capital executive director Dr Graham Sinden.
Climate Capital is a bank dedicated to providing investment services to sustainable businesses.
As one of the most prominent ambassadors of fusion energy, Professor Smith is best known for being the director general of CERN (the European Organisation for Nuclear Research) at the time of the Large Hadron Collider(the world’s largest and highest-energy particle accelerator) being approved and constructed in 1995.
The conference is aimed at connecting people and businesses dedicated to improving renewable and sustainable energy technology.
According to All-Energy, the first day of the event will focus on: Australian solar innovations; solar photovoltaic and solar thermal energy; clean and renewable energy in industry, local government, state government and international economic development; and wind, biomass, geothermal and marine energy.
The second day will feature topics such as: finance and investment, including federal government initiatives; mitigating risks; energy efficiency; smart grid power transmission; carbon pricing
and emission trading; marine energy; transport; and power storage. Supported by the Victorian Government and some of the country’s biggest clean energy organisations, All-Energy is Australia’s largest clean energy trade exhibition and multi-stream conference.
The MCEC is the first Green Building Council of Australia ‘6 Star Green Star’ environmentally-rated convention centre in the country.
The facility is made from sustainable materials and incorporates solar power and many other environmentallyfriendly initiatives.
With spectacular views of the Yarra River, the MCEC sets a new standard in sustainable development, making it an appropriate venue to host this significant energy conference.

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