Expanding services to offer greater coverage

BASED in WA, marine surveyors and naval architects Maritime Engineers has had another exceptional year with many new developments, none more exciting than its expansion into South East Asia.
In December 2011, the company opened new offices in the Harbour Front Centre in Singapore and Maritime Engineers (Asia Pacific) was formed.
The expansion was undertaken in order to meet increasing demand from clientele in the region and to enable greater coverage of services to countries including China, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.
“With all the activity in WA at the moment and the expansion of our business into South East Asia, it has proven to be a busy and exciting time for Maritime Engineers,” Maritime Engineers executive director Kent Stewart said.
“We have seen sustained growth in the past few years and that is a trend that looks likely to continue.”
In another major development for the company, its barge emergency anchor release (BEAR) was unveiled last month at the International Tug and Salvage Convention in Barcelona.
The BEAR is a remotely operated emergency anchor release system that can be activated from more than 5 miles away.
The invention was devised to ensure the safety of an ocean tow in the event of a wire failure.

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