Eyewear made to withstand the harshest environments

REDUCING the risk of dangerous accidents in the workplace is often one of the most important and challenging tasks for safety-conscious organisations today. Ugly Fish national sales manager Roger Summerill said that many customers had noticed a substantial reduction in eye
injuries since the introduction of Ugly Fish safety glasses.
“We’ve been successful in multiple industries because our range of products suit different work settings and conditions,” Mr Summerill said.
Key features of the Ugly Fish safety glasses range include compliance with Australian safety standards, impact-resistant and shatterproof lenses, optically-correct lenses with no distortion, frames that are suitable for prescription options and a popular polarised, wraparound sports style that is suitable for working on offshore oil and gas rigs.
According to the Australian company, its brand of safety eyewear was made to withstand the harshest working environments, helping companies to tackle the ‘ugly’ jobs safely.
“Because of the build quality, comfort and style, our workers are taking care of their safety glasses and we are finding it much easier to ensure our mandatory eye protection policy is being adhered to,” Manildra Group occupational health, safety and risk manager Mick Rees said in a client testimonial.

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