Filtration systems to pass any environmental standard

SPECIALISING in produced water treatment for the Australian oil and gas industry, Scottech Oilfield Services provides the most effective filtration systems and consumables essential for the treatment and disposal of produced water, while ensuring environmental standards are achieved.
Ever increasing environmental standards and corporate governance are placing pressure on companies to find an effective solution for the treatment of water that has been trapped in underground formations and brought to the surface along with oil or gas. It is highly likely that Australian standards will follow international guidelines in meeting zero discharge. Scottech has the solutions to prepare companies for this.
It is well known that the water-to-oil ratio increases during the life of a conventional oil or gas well. In many cases optimisation requires the re-injection of water; the produced water includes a mixture of hydrocarbons and solids.
It can also contain fluids and additives from exploration and production activities.
Scottech filtration maximises reservoir productivity and oilfield operations while being mindful of environmental impact and corporate governance.
Operational efficiency, reliability and performance are key indicators to meeting the project outcomes. Scottech oilfield filtration reduces the risk of reservoir damage through the reduction of contaminants that impact on reservoir
production during completions and water injection processes.
The company is Australia’s leading provider of filtration services and consumables, trusted for quality and performance. Through the continual development of filtration technologies, Scottech is positioned to deliver measurable results across multiple production environments.

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