Finalists chosen for Gas Innovation Awards

SIX finalists are set to compete for the top spot in a new awards program being held as part of the Australian Gas Technology Conference & Exhibition (AGT) in Perth from July 25 to 27.
Heralding the innovations currently taking place in the gas sector, the Australian Gas Innovation Awards include a commercial category for innovations that have been developed by Australian companies, and a research category to recognise innovators from Australia’s research facilities.
According to a media release by AGT event organiser Diversified Exhibitions Australia, WA’s leading universities dominate the research category with Dr Xianhua Liu, a research Associate Professor at the University of Western Australia (UWA) and a lecturer at Curtin University (CU), named as a finalist for his ‘rapid kill and restoration system’ for blowout wells.
Dr Liu’s system releases heavy, solid balls to quickly suppress and reduce the blowout flow: stopping the oil and gas from polluting land, air or sea, and allowing time for the repair or replacement of the
blowout preventer and pipelines.
Also among the research award finalists is CU Department of Petroleum Engineering Associate Professor Reza Rezaee, who was selected for his research study design for a new remedial process for tight gas reservoirs that could eventually result in trillions of cubic feet of gas being added to WA’s shrinking natural gas resources.
In addition, UWA’s Bassem Samir Youssef was recognised for his unique pipeline on-bottom stability simulation program. Developed as part of his PhD studies, it provides pipeline engineers with a reliable and accurate pipeline design tool capable of generating 3D simulations of offshore pipelines under the action of wave and current loading.
Finalists in the commercial category of the awards include Cetra Technologies for ‘Cetrafoam’: an environmentallyfriendly cryogenic insulation material specifically formulated for use in LNG applications.
Easier to install than conventional foam insulation, Cetrafoam is designed to reduce waste by more than 90 per cent: saving in excess of 10,000 cubic metres of waste insulation generated by cutting operations from being buried as landfill.
Also in line for the commercial award are pipeline installation company Murphy Pipe and Civil, and Perth-based Integrated Energy.
Murphy Pipe and Civil has developed a purpose-built plough for upstream gas gathering pipeline installation that does not disturb subterranean soils or require open trenching, and which can perform
installation up to five times faster than conventional methods within a narrower construction corridor.
Integrated Energy has been consulting with major Australian energy and resource companies to design an innovative integrated operations model
to enable large-scale offshore and onshore production facilities in the north of the state to be monitored and controlled from Perth.
The design has some distinct elements and features that distinguish it from other operations centres around the world, including innovative ‘immersion pods’ that allow users to visit a site virtually from a real-time, first-person perspective by drawing information from 3D sources.
AGT event director Bill Hare said that the six finalists represented the innovation excellence driving Australia’s $200 billion LNG and wider gas industries.
“Australia is poised to become the world’s leading LNG exporter by 2020, and this growth is inspiring an incredible range of innovative products, projects and technologies,” Mr Hare said.
“The Australian Gas Innovation Awards are an opportunity to profile and acknowledge these people and companies with a commitment to fostering change within the Australian gas industry.”
Finalists will be judged on a number of key criteria assessing the originality, impact and practicality of their innovations.

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