First class safety training protecting the industry

WITH the possibility of fire a constant presence in the oil and gas sector, first class safety procedures are essential. According to fire protection specialist Wormald, in addition to having the correct fire protection systems and equipment in place, site managers should also recognise the importance of fire safety training.
Wormald offers a range of fire safety training programs for the oil and gas industry that can be tailored to meet specific requirements.
Its spill response training course provides an introduction to safely dealing with hazardous chemical spills, while its chief and deputy chief warden training focusses on the practical use of emergency warning and communication systems.
Wormald’s nationally-accredited course on confined space entry gives authorised employees the knowledge and skills to safely enter and operate in confined spaces while avoiding hazardous substances and flammable or explosive conditions.
Breathing apparatus training teaches employees how to use a self-contained breathing apparatus and an emergency control organisation course for warden training, which can be followed by refresher training, that equips wardens with the knowledge to carry out their duties in an emergency situation.
Other Wormald training courses include emergency awareness, fire extinguishing, first aid and evacuation exercises.
Wormald, which was founded in 1889 and operates in nearly 40 locations throughout Australia, offers a range of fire protection products and systems in addition to its training programs. The company designs, manufactures, installs and services fire detection and protection equipment for a wide variety of industries including mining, construction and the
Wormald is part of Tyco International, one of the world’s largest fire and safety system organisations, which operates in more than 80 countries.

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