First point of call for reliable and efficient recovery

FOUNDED in 1982 and based in  Finland, Lamor Corporation is the most respected name in oil spill response equipment across the globe. With representation in more than 90 countries, Lamor (including the renowned Slickbar brand since 1960) provides expertise coupled with solutions for environmental protection in the event of oil spills. Chatoyer Environmental, an Australian company established in 1996,
is the Australian agent for Lamor. It has more than 15 years of experience and an ongoing focus on quality products and strategically engineered solutions, including a range of absorbents and land-based spill containment including spill kits and containment services. The company’s expertise provides it with an industry-leading capacity to provide end-to-end solutions for reliable and efficient oil recovery operations.
Chatoyer Environmental serves all levels of industry in any environment: industrial spill response; land spill clean-up; port and marina services; shoreline clean-up; near-shore oil recovery; offshore oil spill response; salvage operations; subsea services; and wreck oil  removal.
In addition to its offices in Queensland, NSW and WA, the company’s highly regarded Australian brands SpilMax and Assise, plus the international Lamor range make Chatoyer Environmental a first choice for oil spill response.

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