Fractures stimulate interest

AFTER a turbulent year for AWE, unconventional gas in the company’s Woodada Deep-1 well is now flowing following completion of hydraulic fracture stimulation in its first two zones.
The Woodada gas field’s Middle Carynginia and Upper Carynginia shale formations in the North Perth Basin of WA were found to be successful at 2370m to 2425m, and 2283m to 2330m respectively.
However, gas flow rates are unable to be calculated until the clean up and flow back of the well are completed.
“These initial results are encouraging,” AWE managing director Bruce Clement said.
“The successful hydraulic stimulation of the two zones has confirmed that the Carynginia shale can be fracture stimulated and gas can be recovered from the shale. “However, it is too early to draw any conclusions on actual gas flow rates and the commercial potential.”
AWE reported that it planned to collect gas samples for analysis and would measure production data. The Woodada field was discovered in June 1980. It is surrounded by a nature reserve
that restricts exploration to the area adjacent to the Woodada Deep-1 well. The company’s two other wells in the North Perth Basin, Senecio-2 and Arrowsmith-2, have been stimulated and Senecio-2 is estimated to have gas flows of about 0.5 million cubic feet per day. Mr Clement said the results from the hydraulic stimulation program boded well. “The results from all three wells in the program have been promising. Each of the zones tested have been successfully hydraulically fracture stimulated and gas flows have been recorded from all zones during clean up,” he said.
“The Senecio result, which has seen good gas flows during the initial well clean up, is positive and is providing us with good data on the tight gas community.
“We anticipate obtaining further valuable data on the performance of the shales and tight reservoirs being tested as we continue with well clean up and testing.”
AWE is an Australian-based oil and gas company with six main producing assets in New Zealand, Tasmania, WA, Victoria and Texas in the US.
The company recently acquired two Indonesian production sharing contracts. One, the Ande Ande Lumut oil field, is estimated to contain 76 million barrels of recoverable oil.
AWE intends to continue exploration in
Australia and overseas, and is focussed on its BassGas Mid Life Enhancement project in the Bass Strait.

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