Fuelling the future

sulzerSULZER’S solutions for the oil and gas market enable customers to prepare for the future. The company provides services and solutions for onshore, offshore, and subsea oil production, for the transport of oil and gas in pipelines, and for the processing of crude oil and gas in refineries.

Based in Winterthur, Switzerland, since 1834, it specialises in pumping solutions, rotating equipment maintenance and services as well as separation, reaction, and mixing technology. Customers benefit from advanced solutions and services in the fields of process technology and separation equipment, as well as two-component mixing and dispensing systems.

Sulzer designs, develops and supplies pumping solutions and related equipment worldwide. Intensive research and development in fluid dynamics, process-oriented products, and special materials help to find the best solution for customers’ needs. Sulzer products have earned a reputation for first time start-ups, availability, reliability and ease of maintenance. Its cutting-edge technology led to the world’s first 40,000 hour impeller life guarantee on a high energy injection pump. With over 1,000,000 KW installed power and more than 1,000,000 operating hours, Sulzer HPcp injection pumps have delivered over 99 per cent availability for customers.

The company is the leading independent maintenance and service provider for rotating equipment dedicated to improving customers’ processes and business performance. When pumps, turbines, compressors, generators, and motors are essential to operations, Sulzer offers technically advanced and innovative solutions.

Sulzer understands that availability, reliability, efficiency and reduced turnaround times are key to customers’ operations. Tailor-made solutions to improve processes are the result of the company’s flexible approach to customers’ requirements. Sulzer keeps the equipment running in all oil and gas applications. Experience in process technology and understanding of the many applications put Sulzer in the leading position as the turnaround partner of choice. The company helps its customers develop practical solutions, meet the latest industry standards and protect the environment. Turnarounds are the company’s core business where it overhauls turbines, compressors, motors, pumps, generators, and other rotating equipment. Inspection work can be scheduled to fit with existing turnaround plans, ensuring that all work is completed on time.

Services for the oil and gas industry include routine maintenance, planned and unplanned field service support, turbine and compressor inspections and overhauls, motor, drive and generator inspections and overhauls, replacement parts, repair and maintenance services for pumps, hot gas expander inspections and overhauls and services for air separation systems and blowers.

With more than 150 locations worldwide, Sulzer is close to its customers with high-quality local service.

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