‘Game changing’ applications

A manufacturer of inflatable packers andassociated equipment, Inflatable Packers International (IPI) designs and manufactures solutions for clients around the world.
From its head office in Perth, IPI creates custom-made inflatable packers, as well as a range of standard products and proprietary systems. The company has a proven track record for innovative designs and delivering the highest-quality, advanced inflatable packers, either directly to clients or through one of its international distribution partners. These clients include leading resource, geotechnical, scientific, engineering, construction and drilling companies. Initially a specialist focussed on custom-made solutions for the international market, IPI is already the first choice globally for mining and other non-oil field users of inflatable packer technology, as well as for coal bed methane (CBM) companies in Australia, Indonesia, India and New Zealand. Since entering the Queensland CBM well testing market in 2009, IPI has rapidly established
itself as the leader in this market with both an improved a range of permeability testing equipment and replacement elements for other manufacturers’ packer systems.  IPI’s inflatable packers can be found in a variety of applications including water wells, CBM fields, oil and gas wells, mining and construction sites, and environmental projects. The company’s products can also be used for specialised applications as per a client’s requirements. IPI’s competitive advantage is its core technology offering, which consistently outperforms conventional inflatable packing
technology at temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius and pressure as high as 12,000psi. The company’s practical, simple tool designs and applications are constructed based on many years of experience, and all clients benefit from ongoing support services  provided by IPI’s team of Perth-based engineers, tradesmen and apprentices. During its time in operation, IPI has been responsible for several ‘game changing’ applications within the field of inflatable packers, including permeability testing equipment that has enabled deep and remote mine site evaluation, open hole hydro-fracturing to 12,000psi for use as the primary production process in the world’s largest copper mines (producing about 100,000 tonnes per day), eliminating packer failure in permeability testing in Queensland CBM wells, and high-pressure/high-volume permeability testing using coiled tubing in Indonesian CBM wells. Following on from its prior success, IPI is now developing other product for Australian and international clients. Clients are typically service companies, but in some cases IPI supplies directly to resource companies. IPI welcomes enquiries from prospective clients, and more information about the company and its products is available on its website.

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