Gas pipeline rupture affects thousands

1024px-Whyalla_town_viewBy Emma Brown

24 April, 2015

REGIONAL South Australian residents were left without gas supplies for more than a week following a rupture in the Moomba-Adelaide gas pipeline.

The outage affected thousands of residents and businesses in Port Pirie and Whyalla, leaving residents without working stoves or hot water, and forcing some local operators to shut.

During an interview on ABC Radio, SA Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis suggested the possibility of a legal case for local businesses to recoup profits.

“If we can find out if there’s a fault or not, there might be some legal action we can take on behalf of people against the distributors,” Mr Koutsantonis said.

Port Pirie gas supplies were interrupted by the gas leak, but Whyalla residents were ordered to switch off their gas to prevent risk while repairs were made.

Pipeline owner and operator Epic Energy repaired the pipe last Wednesday, but testing had to be carried out before supplies could be restored.

The disruption in gas supply between Caltowie and Gladstone affected about 5500 commercial and residential properties in Port Pirie and about 4000 properties in Whyalla.

All residents were reconnected eight days after the rupture.