Grid connection for waste plant energy

By Emma Brown

July 6, 2015

ANAECO’s Shenton Park plant will be the first operational waste facility in WA to be connected to the electricity grid, following technical and regulatory approvals from Western Power.

The permanent connection will see surplus electricity, not used to power the AnaeCo plant, exported for use into the local electricity grid.

At full capacity the AnaeCo plant can produce biogas containing about 1,200 tonnes per annum of methane from processing municipal solid waste (MSW) – enough fuel for a 1.2 megawatt head and power generator to provide around 800 kilowatts of electrical power and 800KW  of thermal power.

The plant, which is part of Western Metropolitan Regional Council Project, is AnaeCo’s first commercial scale project and the connection to the grid marks a significant turning point for the company.

“Connection of the gas powered generator to the electricity grid enabling export of electricity is a significant Western Metropolitan Regional Council Project milestone and another step forward in the commercialisation of AnaeCo’s innovative technology,” AnaeCo managing director Dacid Lymburn said.

“The plant will be the first operational waste facility in Western Australia generating renewable electrical energy by processing MSW, and the first to incorporate AnaeCo’s patented organics recycling technology, the DiCOM bioconversion process, anywhere in the world.

“The AnaeCo System provides a closed loop approach to municipal organic waste management. By combining the naturally occurring processes of anaerobic digestion and composting we are able to extract maximum value from this resource, producing both renewable energy and organic fertiliser.”

AnaeCo predicted about 40 per cent of the power generated at the plant would be available for export to the local grid, totalling about 3200MW hours each year capable of powering 500 homes for a year.