Identifying the demand for quality vessels and support workers

THE noticeable presence of the ‘BM’ initials on the hulls of vessels in the North West Shelf of WA and, more recently, in Gladstone Port (Queensland) best reflects the expansion and growth of the Bhagwan Marine business.
“Coupled with a strong build program of purpose-built vessels, increasing its vessel fleet capabilities has positioned Bhagwan Marine to be ready to offer vessels and support services to the growing needs of many dredging and construction projects nationally,” the company stated.
Currently, the majority of the Bhagwan Marine fleet operates in the North West Shelf, where the company provides a range of marine services to the oil and gas industry. More recently, it has moved into Queensland to support the Gladstone Port expansion project.
From its head office in Geraldton (WA), Bhagwan Marine has established a significant presence in Dampier by providing its services to the increasingly busy port. The company also has an office with shore-based support staff in Gladstone to service its vessels on the east coast.
“Further expansion of the business into the Northern Territory is also evident by the opening of an office in Darwin to provide a shore-based support facility,”
Bhagwan Marine stated.
“Our national expansion plan has identified other regions such as Broome and Port Hedland [WA] that show a strong demand for quality vessels and support workers.”

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