Innovative seismic processing to support ambitious explorers

SINCE AusGeos opened its doors in 2011, the company has developed numerous algorithms to improve the quality of its clients’ seismic data. “Difficult data excites us,” AusGeos head of technology Peter Strauss said.
Employing its uniquely developed software and techniques, AusGeos has achieved dramatic improvements in client data. The results are less noisy and easier to interpret compared to conventional processing, providing exploration companies with more accurate interpretations and the potential for more discoveries.
A recent project involving the processing of 2D lines from the highlands of Papua New Guinea and central Australia uncovered new geology that had not been seen before. Additionally, in the Cooper Basin of eastern Australia where oil can be trapped around meandering channels 1km below the surface, AusGeos’ innovative processing is revealing new locations.
Other examples of AusGeos’ data applications include world-class capability for the processing of 2D crooked lines and shallow section imaging for coal bed methane exploration.
“We think our mix of quality, speed and price is unique and this makes our product very attractive to clients,” AusGeos managing partner Dr Martin Novak said. “Our new capabilities are helping ambitious explorers find new basins and opportunities, fuelling a new wave of activity across Australia.”
Examples of AusGeos’ work and brochures can be downloaded from the company’s website.

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