Innovative thinking key to successful project practices

ESTABLISHED in 1963, Soanar has a long history in Australian manufacturing and consistently delivers excellent products and convenient service to clients across the country.
The company is now moving into the mining and oil and gas sectors, where its previous experience will help it to deliver its excellent service levels to a new group of customers.
Soanar has in-depth knowledge of power, interconnect, display, industrial electronic and electrical technologies, and its services are supported by robust IT platforms and processes. The company manages all project logistics, leaving its clients free to focus on their core objectives.
Soanar’s business managers work closely with customers throughout the entire mining cycle: backed by a team of product specialists and engineers, and armed with the latest technologies, the company provides tailored project solutions that best suit each client’s individual needs.
Soanar has key skills in product knowledge, innovation, reliability and sustainability. It understands the unique business practices of the mining industry – from specialist approvals and standards to specific technologies – and has the capacity to work with each area of practice to achieve outstanding outcomes.
The company’s systems and processes were developed to keep projects on track, not waiting on the sidelines. Soanar is committed to operating ethically and understands mining’s commitment to sustainably and the Australian community. More information is available on the company website.

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