Inspiring the corporate industry in leaps and bounds

corporate_ninjaTHE oil and gas industry is not immune to staffing issues. While the majority of jobs are well paid, they can be hard work, so its important for companies to maintain staff morale to reduce turnover. Every company knows their cost of recruiting and training a new staff member. Worse still, the leaving employee will probably take their expertise to your competitor.

For the past 25 years, consultant and conference speaker Ron Lee, aka “The Corporate Ninja”, has been conducting high impact, interactive and memorable sessions that increase team and stakeholder engagement, retention and revenue. In July last year, he trained a young sports woman for three hours and she has since won three world championships.

Mr Lee’s methodologies derive from Eastern/Western philosophies, practical metaphysics and martial arts, and have proven to help employees focus on solutions rather than problems; inspiring an increase in team and individual expectations while focusing them in the same direction to achieve goals.

Around 369 companies on four continents have enlisted Mr Lee’s services for staff training and conference keynote presentations. The oil and gas industry is no exception. The empowerment master class is designed to demonstrate levels of physical and mental power that attendees may never have thought possible. His interactive seminars are developed to transport people out of their comfort zones and achieve their potential, and they’re a lot of fun.

The empowerment gained by participants – from front-line employees to Executive Chairmen – has translated into more efficient leadership, sales, teamwork and embracing challenges head on. It benefits the individuals in all aspects of life and, in turn, the companies they work for via retention, staff loyalty and company-wide engagement to work towards a common goal.

Who-is-Ron-LeeMr Lee is a “certified speaking professional”, an accreditation that represents the top 7 per cent of professional speakers globally. He engages audience members to demonstrate how martial arts techniques can assist individuals and companies to exceed personal and corporate goals.

He customizes his presentations to specific issues in the company, making them effective and relevant to staff and in turn solves problems and increases productivity and enjoyment in the workplace.

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