Integrated energy solutions for optimal savings

AS the local distributor for MTU Onsite Energy, MTU Detroit Diesel Australia provides integrated cogeneration and energy efficient solutions for the oil and gas industry.
Its high performance and reliable cogeneration and trigeneration solutions are combined with whole-of-life facility services to deliver customised and environmentally conscious projects for optimal operational savings.
Boasting an advanced range of engines and systems that reliably supply electricity, heating and/or cooling to a facility, MTU Onsite Energy’s multi-module systems deliver the best energy efficiency.
The company also offers complete engineering packages featuring individually tailored servicing and maintenance programs, and fully integrated electrical control technology.
MTU Onsite Energy’s dependable onboard control systems monitor overall engine, electrical and thermal functions for optimal operation, day in and day out.
With knowledge of the design, delivery and integration of cogeneration and trigeneration projects for critical environments, MTU Detroit Diesel Australia provides clients with a comprehensive range of end-to-end offerings.
The company ensures the successful amalgamation of power generation solutions with existing services to meet clients’ performance goals. Key features of the MTU Series 400 cogeneration systems include: a combined heat and power (CHP) module offering up to 90 per cent total system efficiency; low life cycle costs; module control for complete cogeneration system management; German engineered and built CHP modules; and an integrated exhaust heat recovery, in addition factory engineering for compact design.
The successful incorporation of an MTU Onsite Energy cogeneration system into a facility reduces associated carbon emissions (in comparison to coal powered grid electricity) and overall energy consumption associated with heating and cooling. It also reduces a company’s reliance on grid sourced electricity.

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