Best-in-class cable solutions from international industry leader

THE world’s industry-leading cable company, Prysmian Group operates with a belief in the effective, efficient and sustainable supply of energy and information as a primary driver in the development of communities. With this in mind, the company provides major global organisations in many industries with best-in-class cable solutions based on state-of-the-art technology. Through two renowned commercial brands – Prysmian and Draka – based in more than 50 countries the group ensures that it is close to its customers, wherever they are. This sustained international presence allows the group to further develop the world’s energy and telecoms infrastructures and achieve sustainable, profitable growth.
Prysmian Group’s energy business designs, produces, distributes and installs cables and systems for the transmission and distribution of power at low, medium, high and extra-high voltage. In the telecoms field, the group is a leading manufacturer of all types of copper and fibre cables, providing systems and accessories for voice, video and data transmission.
In applications ranging from drilling, extraction and storage equipment to platform and processing facilities operation, Prysmian’s state-of-the-art cable systems support many major customers in the oil and gas and petrochemical industries and related businesses. Whether deployed in Brazil, the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea or Oceania, its cable solutions offer proven performance in harsh on shore and offshore environments; helping customers minimise environmental impact and achieve sustainable, profitable growth.
Prysmian Group’s comprehensive range of cable solutions is utilised for major upstream, midstream and downstream applications in the oil and gas industry, covering onshore and off shore operations including drilling and oil production (drilling rigs, jack-ups, semi-sub, FPSOs and down-well pumps), pipelines, refineries and petrochemical plants.
The Prysmian Group makes significant, ongoing investment in high value-added products and services for its partners in the offshore oil industry. In Brazil, for example, the group operates two dedicated plants that produce high-tech umbilicals and flexible pipes. It has also signed a technology framework agreement with Petrobras to develop and supply high-tech products to connect offshore platforms to wellheads.
Following its integration with Draka, Prysmian Group can now call on facilities in North America, widening its product range to include special Downhole Technology cables manufactured in Massachusetts and New Jersey.
No matter how large or complex a project’s requirements are, the Prysmian Group can design and deliver a total cable solution to suit.

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