Japanese delicacy

About as far as you can get from your average pub steak, Wagyu is considered to be the most exclusive and best-tasting beef in the world. Wagyu cattle originated in Japan in the second century and are genetically predisposed to produce meat that has an intense ‘marbled’ effect, caused by a high intramuscular unsaturated fat content.
According to bestwagyu.com, university studies revealed that aside from being a good source of vitamins and nutrients, Wagyu beef contained high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, as well as monounsaturated fatty acids. In addition, Wagyu beef also had the potential to reduce diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and heart conditions. Traditionally farmed in Japan, the fi rst purebred Wagyu bulls were introduced into Australia in the 1990s, and now there are numerous breeders across the country. While Wagyu bull or heifer yearlings can be sold for more than $5000, Wagyu beef can be
ordered online for a fraction of that price. The price varies due to the grade of the meat: there are three yield grades – A (the highest), B and C – and five quality grades based on marbling,
meat colour and brightness, fi rmness and texture, and the lustre and quality of fat, which corresponds to a base marbling standard of between one and nine in Australia. There are restaurants in almost every region of Australia that serve Wagyu beef, which is often referred to as Kobe beef – a cut of meat specifi cally from the Tajima-ushi breed of Wagyu cattle.

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