Jobseeker survey shows changing workforce

jobseekerTHE latest Australian Mines and Metals Association (AMMA) Jobseeker Index has shown a change in prospective resource employees.
The June 2013 index was based on 1045 responses from people within all areas of the resources sector, with the largest respondent group made up of skilled tradespeople such as electricians and plumbers.
While men represented 70 per cent of jobseekers in the sector, the number of women seeking work in the industry rose from the traditional 15 per cent participation rate to 30 per cent, the index showed.
It also found that trade qualified men aged between 35 and 55 remained the largest group of resources industry jobseekers, with 61 per cent of all jobseekers having more than 15 years of workforce experience.
The majority of participants came from Queensland (32 per cent), with West Australians coming in second at 18 per cent.
AMMA director Kyla Jones said a majority of jobseekers were motivated by career progression or were looking for a change in industry.
“Many are hoping to progress their career within the industry or want to transfer from another sector and take advantage of the benefits a resource career offers,” she said.
“Jobseekers also appear to be open to flexible work arrangements including a range of FIFO rosters with two-weeks on, one-week off being the most popular choice.”
The method with which people searched for jobs had also changed, with 62 per cent actively searching through social media channels such as Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook.
“Networking online and visiting career websites exposes jobseekers to greater opportunities than the local paper or recruitment firm,” Ms Jones said.