Knowledge the most important asset for drilling expert

WITH more than a decade of experience installing trenchless pipelines, Global Directional Drilling Services (GDDS) is a forerunner in the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) industry.
HDD is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly drilling method that avoids extensive open-cut trenches.
The technique is perfect for water crossings, roadways, congested areas and environmentally sensitive areas, as it provides less traffic disruption, lower costs, deeper and longer-lasting installation and environmental safety.
GDDS is continually adapting and improving its methods and staff performance.
In 2011, the company established a mining division with a full range of mine specific drilling equipment, machinery and trucks compliant with mine site requirements. GDDS’ capabilities include HDD, auger boring, pipe ramming, pipe bursting and trenching, it provides services for electrical conduits, gas/coal methane gas lines, effluent and sewerage lines, telecom conduits and potable and recycled water main lines.
By providing innovative solutions for difficult projects where conventional technology proves to be inadequate, GDD has developed a reputation for excellence in both its systems and services.
GDDS has worked on projects including the BHP Mitsubishi Alliance Saraji mine; the installation of enveloper pipe for Molopo Energy in Moura, Queensland; and the lengthening and redesign of a bore path for Eastern Star Gas.

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