Largest and longest fibreglass pipes in the country

A dedicated fibreglass pipeline company, Adtech FRP Pipelines specialises in serving the oil and gas, mining and industrial
Since 1992, Adtech has been supplying and installing high-quality National Oilwell Varco and Centron fibreglass systems and Bondstrand piping and casing for companies including Santos, Chevron Australia, Origin Energy, Woodside Energy, BHP Billiton, WMC Resources and Queensland Gas Company (QGC)/BG Group.
Adhering to the Australian Standard 2885, Adtech has supplied and installed the largest and longest glassfibre reinforced epoxy (GRE) pipelines in the country. In addition, the company supplies fibreglass downhole casing for CSG operators such as QGC/BG Group, Santos, Origin Energy and WestSide Corporation. Its fibreglass casing is also used extensively for potable water and irrigation bores in the water well industry.
Adtech offers a range of non-corrosive dewatering options for mines, in various sizes and temperature levels. The company is certified to ISO 9001:2000 and all pipes are able to be designed to ISO 14692/API standards if required.
Adtech has a history of high-class installations, and its services can be provided either on a supply and install turnkey basis or on a subcontracted installation basis.
The company is currently supplying and installing 80km of 8-inch GRE pipe (to AS 2885 specifications) in the Cooper Basin.

One Response to Largest and longest fibreglass pipes in the country

  1. Tony Caristo

    May 20, 2012 at 3:31 pm

    This title “the largest and longest fibreglass pipes in the country” is totally incorrect.
    You will find companies in Australia, RPC Technologies and RPC Pipe Systems have produced and far large pipes. I doubt that Adtech have supplied anything greater than 1m in diameter. The RPC Technologies group of companies have produced pipe as large as 4.6m in diameter in GRP (fibreglass pipes) and built in Australia. Whereas Adtech does not manufacture these in Australia. These GRP are sourced from Ameron/Centron and only very recently from NOV/FGS

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