Laser scanners the key to productivity

AT the forefront of innovative mining technology, Maptek has been dedicated to its customers for more than 30 years.
The company understands that a planned day of conducting routine stockpile measurements can be severely disrupted by an overnight highwall slip.
This scenario requires a change in priorities and will be familiar to many mine surveyors: if only a single laser scanner is available, analysing the impact on active mining must take precedence over other duties.
While companies may have enough staff members to handle the workload, problems arise if there is only one laser scanner, as the equipment can’t be in two places at once.
With an understanding of these challenges, Maptek developed the mid-range I-Site 8400 laser scanner to handle site survey workloads alongside the long-range I-Site 8800 premium system.
The I-Site 8400 is designed for routine topographic and volumetric survey, leaving the I-Site 8800 for specialised tasks such as geological and highwall mapping.
The I-Site laser scanners are robust enough to withstand the extreme conditions of mining environments.
In the scenario mention above, Maptek recommended deploying the I-Site 8800 to monitor the highwall to model and analyse the slip.
A stockpile workhorse, the I-Site 8400 laser scanner can capture 10.7 million fully surveyed points on a 150m long indoor stockpile. Accurate volumes are ready in 30 minutes and a 3D model allows comparison of quarterly results.
Meanwhile, the I-Site 8800 can tackle a 1500m by 50m open pit with 25 setups.
The scanner can be mounted on a vehicle, with a tripod used for some vantage points.
Maptek’s I-Site Studio software turns raw data into a detailed 3D pit model within hours.
Having the right tools for the job means that workers can take care of specialist surveying while completing routine tasks.

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