Leading supplier of components and parts

ESSENTRA Components, part of Essentra PLC, is a global, market-leading manufacturer and distributor of more than 80,000 plastic injection moulded, vinyl dip moulded and metal items.

Operating units in 26 countries, Essentra Components serves a broad industrial base of more than 150,000 active customers with a rapid supply of products for a variety of applications, in industries such as equipment manufacturing, automotive, fabrication, electronics and construction.

With the acquisition of Kelvindale, Essentra Components is proud to combine the outstanding products and services of Kelvindale, Richco, Moss, Skiffy, Alliance and Reid into one. The combined company strives to deliver the greatest range of components, along with exceptional customer service to exceed previous goals.

esentra_ogEssentra Components has a wide range of pipe caps, plugs and flange protectors for the oil and gas industry. Its low cost and high quality pipe caps are suitable for nominal pipe size ranging from DN15/ ½ inch to DN1600/ 64 inch pipes. It offers a wide variety of flange protectors, which include full-face covers, all-round flange protectors or self-adhesive flange disc to protect your flanges during sand blasting.

esThe company also offers a vast range of industrial components, which include locks, latches, catches, hinges, castors, feet, gasketing, toggle clamps, enclosure accessories, LED hardware, circuit board hardware and more.

Essentra Components believes it’s the little things that make the world go around and every day it produces and distributes millions of small but essential components. Even though its products may not be noticeable or recognisable, they are everywhere.

es2With more than one billion products in stock from the regional distribution centres worldwide, components are ready for same-day dispatch. In addition to the standard ranges, Essentra Components’s manufacturing experience enables it to develop solutions to specific customer requirements where a standard product is not available. Customers can also request free samples to evaluate products for an application.

For more information and to view more than 13,000 new products currently available to order, visit: www.essentracomponents.com.au.