Leading the way in drilling fluid solutions

THE unique RESIDRILL product from AMC Oil and Gas is providing significant benefits to customers within the oil and gas and CSG industries.
Revolutionary and environmentally friendly, RESIDRILL was created by AMC Oil and Gas’ research and development team. It was designed to give drilling fluids non-invasive properties that reduce dynamic filtration loss, stabilise wellbores and protect reservoirs from damage.
AMC Oil and Gas general manager Nick Santarelli said that the results had been “exceptional” for zonal isolation in both the oil and gas and CSG industries, and within diverse drilling environments.
“The zonal isolation imparted by RESIDRILL saved a casing string for a customer in Papua New Guinea and, in South East Asia, another customer has seen zero break-out in deep pressured wells, enabling drilling to continue without  excessive mud weight-ups and stuck pipe,” Mr Santarelli said.
Other examples of RESIDRILL’s benefits include reducing skin damage from a factor of plus-50 to single and negative values for a customer in Queensland; and isolating a deep coal seam that had previously caused mud weight increases to control break-out at a site in South Australia.
Mr Santarelli said that he was delighted with the enhanced efficiencies and the environmental solutions delivered by RESIDRILL, which were key drivers for AMC Oil and Gas.
“Providing workable solutions is what we aim to do best: from developing site-specific HTHP [high-temperature, high-pressure] drilling fluid systems to assisting customers with recycling equipment to reduce their site footprint,” Mr Santarelli said.
In recent years, AMC Oil and Gas has also positioned itself as a leading provider of solids removal and waste management equipment to complement its extensive range of drilling fluid products and production chemicals for the oil and gas, geothermal and coal bed methane industries.
The equipment range is available for sale or rental, and can be tailored-made for customers’ individual requirements.

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