Managing environmental obligations with expert training

MEETING environmental obligations is important for Australian-owned spill management and environmental safety company Ecospill.
As governments become more aware of the impact of business and industry on the environment, companies are expected to comply with new rules and regulations.
Ecospill aims to help businesses that handle, store or use fuels, oils, dangerous goods or chemicals to be environmentally friendly. The company’s managing director Kevan Goff said he remembered when safety and the environment wasn’t always a priority.
“Every now and then they thought about safety where nowadays safety is incorporated into the very fabric of the very first duty they do of the day to the very last duty they do of the day,” Mr Goff said.
“Safety is really a part of them being at work and, similarly, the environmental aspect is going along the same tracks.”
Ecospill offers a range of spill training courses to ensure that the oil and gas industry is prepared for any environmental incidents.
Mr Goff said he travelled around the country and conducted training courses almost weekly.
“Often there is the need to do different types of training so I stay for two, three or four days depending on the different types of training. I run different courses on the different days, all to do with spill response and spill management,” he said.
A six-day course for Certificate IV: Management in Safety and Environmental Practices is designed to ensure spill incidents do not turn into a catastrophic event.
The nationally recognised course caters to occupational health and safety co-ordinators and officers, environmental officers and managers, team leaders, supervisors and frontline management staff.
A one-day course for managing spill incidents in the workplace can be conducted at Ecospill’s training facility or a client’s workplace.
Mr Goff said Ecospill had helped a petroleum company when a spill incident occurred.
“The EPA was still called in but they [the company] weren’t prosecuted because they already had a system and protocols in place to prevent or minimalise environmental harm,” he said.
“Further recommendations were made by the EPA but because we were involved with them long before the spill incident occurred there was evidence to show that they already had a level of environmental due diligence.” Ecospill has products that can help with safety in workshops including spill kits, containment pallets, water/oil separators, safety cabinets, spills trays and floor bunding. Ecospill grew from an established water filtration, pressure cleaner and pumps company in response to the demand for spill response training services and equipment.

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