Marine vessel expert supporting landmark Australian projects

Eight years have passed since WA company Australia Marine Services (A.M.S.) – also known as A.M.S. Tugs & Barges – supplied its first vessel to the Australasian market. Today, with a growing fleet of more than a dozen vessels, A.M.S. has a reputation as one of Australia’s most reliable vessel service providers, supplying its vessels to some of the biggest companies in Australia and supporting landmark projects in Australia’s mining, construction and oil and gas sectors.
One of the company’s most recent achievements was its contract to supply two new, highly specialised barges to support John Holland Australia’s major construction work for the Queensland Curtis LNG Project in Gladstone.
A.M.S. designed and constructed A.M.S. GLADSTONE – a 210 foot deck cargo ballast tank spud barge with deck load of 25 tonnes per square metre – and A.M.S. 1803 – a 180ft deck cargo ballast tank barge with a deck load of 20t/sqm – to meet Australian offshore standards, within a commendable timeframe. The design and workmanship of both barges were laudable and the vessels were well received by John Holland Australia.
Other A.M.S. vessels currently operating in Queensland include A.M.S. NOVA and A.M.S. ORION, 16m 1200 brake horsepower Damen Stan Tugs 1606; and the 35m construction barge A.M.S. 1201.
To date, A.M.S. NOVA has operated as an assist tug for John Holland’s construction of the materials offloading facility in Gladstone, and A.M.S. ORION has had a successful 10 month run assisting in the delivery of 300,000t of bulk aggregate to Curtis Island. Another notable project was the utilisation of A.M.S. ORION and A.M.S. 1201 for the Bechtel Gladstone LNG Project, where the vessels were used to assist with transportation operations.
Following the successful completion of a number of operations utilising its vessels, A.M.S. received requests for extensions on charters for vessels – including A.M.S. 1201, which will continue serving the Australia Pacific LNG Project in Gladstone; and A.M.S. HENDERSON, a 250ft deck cargo ballast tank barge which will continue assisting operations at WA projects.
During its time in operation, A.M.S. has experienced high demand for A.M.S. HENDERSON, which has a deck load capability of 20t/sqm and cargo deadweight of about 5,500t.
A.M.S. HENDERSON has assisted in various projects in WA, including BHP Billiton’s Rapid Growth Project 5 at Port Hedland; Fortescue Metals Group’s Anderson Point project; Rio Tinto’s CLASCO Project’s Cape Lambert A coarse ore stacker; and Rio Tinto Cape Lambert Port B Phase A expansion.
As a result of the high demand for large, high-quality barges such as A.M.S. HENDERSON, A.M.S. will deliver two new230ft and 250ft deck cargo ballast tank barges in the first quarter of 2013 – named A.M.S. DARWIN and A.M.S. PERTH – with deck load capabilities of 20t/sqm and 25t/sqm and cargo deadweight handling capacity of about 5,000t and 5,500t respectively.
A.M.S. founder and managing director Alan Yeo personally supervised sea trials for A.M.S. SHINE and A.M.S. SWISSCO, two new 28m, 1500bhp and 1440bhp shallow-draft workboats that will join the company’s fleet at the end of this year.
Both workboats were meticulously designed and constructed for optimum efficiency in various shallow water operations, including dredging supports, coastal construction, barge supports and towage operations. The vessels are equipped with the most highly specialised machinery and advanced equipment available on the market. A distinguished feature of the workboats is a flow-through design on their main decks that allows for maximum free deck space, as well as a notable addition of a second crane at the aft portside for projects requiring a second crane for operations.
With the majority of its fleet servicing oil and gas projects in eastern Australia, A.M.S. is constructing newer and more highly specialised vessels to strategically target and service major projects in WA and Northern Territory.

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