Market-leading power provider for oil and gas sector – MPower

PREFERRED power provider for the big oil and gas players, Australian-owned and operated MPower is the driving force behind some of the nation’s largest resource projects.

Ichthys LNG offshore facilities plan

MPower’s expertise in the oil and gas industry has developed significantly over the years and has seen the company involved in a number of high-profile projects, including ConocoPhillips’ Bayu Undan gas project and Woodside’s North Rankin 2 development project.

The expertise of the MPower team was recently reaffirmed when the organisation won two contracts for a total of $20 million to design, construct and commission four 1.9MW emergency generators for Inpex’s Ichthys project in Darwin.

The emergency generators have been designed to remain operational in a 200 year return period and withstand a 10,000 year return period, providing critical power to both the central processing facility and FPSO and ensuring both are maintained over an operational life of 40 years.

This success was further bolstered with the acquisition of a second contract on the Chevron-operated Gorgon project, requiring the design, manufacture and testing of two 2.5MW generators for the Gorgon administration buildings.

The contract follows an original $32 million agreement for MPower to design and manufacture a 20MW temporary power station on Barrow Island.

Involvement in such projects has enabled MPower to engineer emergency power systems that adhere to the strict guidelines and specific challenges put forward by the oil and gas sector, such as extreme temperature, weather conditions and vessel motion, while providing reliable, safe and innovative designs.

MPower Projects managing director Anthony Csillag said the company’s ability to draw in major contracts was an indication of its position as a market leader.

“Projects like Ichthys have contributed to the growth of MPower and provided opportunity to showcase the innovative and exceptional skills of the organisation,” he said.

MPower has a long and solid history of providing power-related products, systems and solutions for every purpose, such as power generation, power storage, backup power and power conversion.

The organisation is also proactive in ensuring the oil and gas sector continues to attract skilled employees for the future, offering two programs for electrical and mechanical engineering students and graduates to develop and learn from industry experts.

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