Maximising savings for smooth sailing

Freight forwarding is an expense that must be taken into consideration when calculating importing costs. According to L.C. Loynes & Associates, significant savings can be achieved by examining all aspects of the supply chain, particularly customs duty costs.
An Australian-owned customs consultancy and freight forwarder, L.C. Loynes & Associates has 35 years of experience and specialises in assisting major project owners and suppliers to maximise duty savings.
L.C. Loynes & Associates director Craig Beal said that it was important that, in the very early stages of the project, owners understood the intrinsic link between their procurement strategies and their ability to obtain duty concessions at the time of equipment importation.
“We engage early in the project with bidders, owners and EPC [engineering, procurement and construction] contractors advising them on the intricacies of duty concession mechanisms,” he said.
“Early advice enables informed decision-making when formulating contracts and procurement strategies, both of which impact on the ability to claim duty concessions.”
Mr Beal said that, in addition to advising on customs matters, L.C. Loynes & Associates provided international freight forwarding services.
“However, if a client chooses to use another freight forwarder we work with the supplier, owner, EPC and forwarder to ensure concessions, port clearances and forwarding activities are coordinated and streamlined,” Mr Beal said.
The company has experience with numerous projects including BHP Billiton’s Mr Arthur North and Rio Tinto Alcan’s Boyne smelter development, Comalco Alumina Refinery Stage 1 and Yarwun 2 projects and Gove 3 development.
L.C. Loynes & Associates is currently engaged by one of the CSG to LNG projects being undertaken on Curtis Island near Gladstone in Queensland.

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