Meeting the needs of the industry through high standards and experience

A leading provider of filtration services and consumables, Perth based Scottech Oilfield Services is trusted for its quality and performance throughout the Australian oil and gas community.
Through its continual development of filtration technologies, Scottech exceeds its competitors and delivers results across multiple production environments.
Scottech filtration maximises reservoir productivity and oilfield operations while being mindful of environmental impacts and protection responsibilities.
Scottech’s oilfield filtration prevents reservoir damage by reducing the contaminants that impact on production during completions and water injection processes.
The company’s project management services deliver experienced operational staff, on-site filtration plants and equipment and a range of in-stock consumables.
A detailed Scottech preventative maintenance program can ensure the immediate delivery of parts and ensure the operational capabilities of all certified equipment.
The company’s Australian-based supply capabilities allow it to source all types of cartridges, both particle and oil-in-water-treatment.
Scottech has a large range of cartridges in stock, available for immediate dispatch to any project site, to ensure continual productivity. Scottech can provide full turnkey water treatment services suitable for all industries, and can supply plant and equipment with experienced operators to ensure projects are completed on time and to a high standard.

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